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Investment Casting Facilities

Wax Pattern Shop:

Centralized air conditioned and well equipped wax preparation with fully automatic wax injection presses.

Shell Room

Centralized air conditioned Unit & de-humidifier for control of temperature & humidity in the entire ceramic coating & drying area. Indigenous ceramic coating technology for better quality of ceramic shell strength & better surface finish of castings.

Secondary and Backup coating is done automatically using Robotics’

Autoclave and Boiler Unit: De Waxing

Sintering Furnace: Capacity 1 ton.


We have one 100kg and two 250kg induction furnaces with automatic conveyer system to give sufficient cooling time for shells after melting.

Heat Treatment

  • Electrical Furnace – 1 ton capacity
  • Water Quenching Tank


Acid pickling and Passivation facility


  • Production Capacity: 75 tons/Month
  • Size Range : Few grams – 50kgs – Single piece weights

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